Re: [gardeners] Tropical hibiscus

M T (
Tue, 12 Nov 2002 01:31:49 -0800 (PST)

Hi Janni,

 Tropical hibiscus are notorious for leaf drop when you bring them in
for the winter. They are almost as bad as a moved fig trees.

 They are whitefly magnets as well, so keep an eye on them. To help
reduce the leaf drop, give them as much light as you can and keep them
on the cool side. I try to keep the 2 we have where they are handy to
clean up after. Keeping them in front of a cool picture window (not
touching it) would be perfect.

 If I cater to them with just the right amount of water and a tiny bit
of kelp meal, I might get 5 or 6 blooms through the whole winter
season. We don't have any really good windows to place them in front

 Too much water, too warm a temp, and *very little* light is about the
worst combination.

Hope this helps,
Matt in Norfolk, Va.  USDA zone 8

 first frost was Friday

> Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2002 09:31:49 -0600
> From: Janni <>
> Subject: Re: [gardeners] still no frost!
> Bah! We have not only had our first frost but many days of hard
> freeze. 
> Needless to say my garden looks terrible. BUT for some reason there
> are 
> tomato plants that are still thriving. Go figure. I have a question
> about 
> my daughter's hibiscus 'tree'. It was in the rain for a few days,
> then 
> before the first frost we brought it in here. It has a few buds and
> will 
> bloom, but most the leaves are turning yellow. Not overwatering or 
> underwatering, so what gives?
> Janni

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