Re: [gardeners] Fig trees (
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 00:20:20 -0500

Ron, to everyone's surprise, Gino's fig tree has ripened
it's fruit, and he is suddenly harvesting and eating it!  
This is after several weeks of very cold temps at night, 
probably down to 30*f. 

Everything else is buttoning down for winter, so this burst of
bounty is especially welcome. And he is delighted.

He has two different varieties of grapes growing. One made
it to maturity and his breakfast table, but the other one
started its little grapes and then they withered on the vine. 
Does anyone recognize this problem and have some advice?

My own "Indian Summer" red raspberries, which should produce 
two crops a year, went a bit crazy this summer. Last year the
entire crop picked up a virus, so I cut every single cane down to
the ground. Fruit usually comes on one-season-old canes, which
means that we did not get a spring crop this year. The bed did 
come in lush, and with healthy foliage. The fruit intended for
September harvesting seemed a bit late forming on the cane
tips, and it never matured. If you look at the bed now, it's 
still all there, in the pre-color stage. 

Yes, I fertilized last spring: Hollytone for acid plants, as usual. 



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