Re: [gardeners] Fig trees

Ron Hay (
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 06:12:38 -0800

Hello, Penny,

How wonderful for Gino to have been able to enjoy his figs! I know a
number of Italian and Greek families on Long Island, when I was growing
up, had fig trees. I have no idea how productive they might have been.

I only knew that they were fig trees because, during the cold months,
they were swathed in tarps under which leaves had been stuffed. My
parents knew nothing of figs, except "those foreigners" liked them. Oh,
well, a different generation with different sensibilities!

As to the grapes, it is well possible that they have encountered a virus
of sorts. Perhaps Gino ought to take a sample in a plastic bag to his
county agricultural agent for analysis.

Meanwhile, as stated above, it's fast forward processing our
harvest...even on these short days and busy weekends.

Good growing to you all, whether indoors or out.