Re: [gardeners] Garden special on TV sunday

George Shirley (
Mon, 18 Nov 2002 08:08:41 -0600

I got up early on Sunday morning and went out to get the paper with
Sleepy Dawg. Was feeling fairly warm until I saw the frost on the
rooftops and on the car windows and suddenly it was winter. No frost
this morning so maybe it was an aberration of Ma Nature.


We had a major ice storm in January 1997 and were without power for a
week. Glad yours only was out part of a night and a day. wrote:
> Well I planned to watch this show but mother nature had other plans.
>  We woke up before dawn with no electricity.  Tree limbs down all over
> and those that stayed up were beautiful with ice.  We found out the
> generator in the garden house had no spark so went to plan 2.  Long
> electric cord from the motor home to the house into the bedroom window
> and into the bathroom where the laundry machines are behind folding
> doors.  DH drilled a hole by the side of the dryer and the cord went
> to the basement by the furnace.  Hurray we had heat.  By 1 pm daughter
> and family arrived to  warm up.  Soon after they came the power came
> on.  No cable though until evening.  Her power came on at suppertime.
> The grandchildren have no school today because of power problems at
> school and my volunteer receptionist job is off for today as they have
> no heat at the senior center.  I was just leaving f! or it when the
> phone rang to tell me not to come.  Now have time to play in my
> greenhouse.
> Anne in MA