[gardeners] Wind damage

Ron Hay (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 18 Nov 2002 07:54:13 -0800

This past 10 days in our area has been characterized by temps in the 80s
and humidity in the low teens and single digits, accompanied by high
winds, heated by compression as they blow down the barometric slopes
through the canyons and into the valleys.

First to experience damage was our variegated angels' trumpet, "Maya;"
and on Saturday, as I was scoping out the macadamia nuts that had
ripened and fallen to the ground, I noticed that the Santa Anas had
broken a main branch, loaded with nuts, right off the middle of the
trunk. How sad!

Well, we got out the pruning paint, got on the ladder, and "bandaged"
the tree. We are very fortunate that the phloem and xylem of macadamias
are not located in the cambium, below the bark, but in the central core
of the branch/trunk, and are hopeful that the weakness will heal over
and permit further upward growth.

Mother Nature really does call the shots, whether with ice or with wind.