Re: [gardeners] Getting ready already

Billie (
Fri, 22 Nov 2002 13:17:13 -0500

>Started getting ready for our Thanksgiving feast today. Since kids et al
>are coming on Sunday the 24th I figured to do the easy stuff today. Got
>the eggs boiled for devilled eggs, will make them on Sunday morning as
>they are easy. Got the sweet potatoes cooking so I can mash them and get
>them ready for sweet tater casserole  with brown sugar, pecans, and
>marshmellows. That will be for the youngun's and I'm saving one small
>sweet tater for me to eat plain. I was surprised that our supermarket
>had 6 varieties of sweet potatoes on sale for 50 cents a lb this year. I
>bought Garnet, a variety I'm not familiar with but the taters were
>really nice, firm and had a good skin color to them.
>A cake is in the oven and will be ready in about 15 minutes to set out
>and cool a bit. I will then ice it and put it in the 40 year old
>Tupperware cake saver and set it aside. Along with a couple of pies that
>should appease the clan sweet tooth. Boy, I sure do like cooking for my
>whole family.
>Life is good.

I can already smell the sweet potato casserole. :)