Re: [gardeners] Getting ready already

George Shirley (
Sun, 24 Nov 2002 21:05:41 -0600

Seven feet tall! Wow! Being average height never bothered me at all.
Back when I was a young man, some 40 years ago, the "average" man in the
US was 5 feet nine inches tall and probably weighed in at 170. Back then
I was 5 feet eight inches tall and weighed 155 lbs. No where near that
weight now and Mother Nature has shortened me by an inch. To be exact
she had some help from some back surgeons.


Craig Watts wrote:
> George, standing proud at five foot seven inches (used to be 5"8" when I
> was young)
> Ok, I have to chime in here. Love the fact that SOME people enjoy the hight
> challenged person.
> Craig standing 7'0" weighing at 240.