Re: [gardeners] It must be winter (
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 18:58:11 -0500

George, you're gonna be busier than a Queen bee in prime
pollinatin' time --- but I'll bet it's all a pleasure.

As long as you have a pot of your special soup on the burner, 
that is. 

As for us, Good Ole Jimmie went out there twice today to shovel
the new snow, even as it fell. He's bent forward nowadays so much
with his arthritis that it doesn't even show that he's shovelling! 
Only saw him stumble once, which is a miracle, for that boy. He
had shovelled the whole 60 ft front sidewalk, then had trotted the
70 ft over towards the top of the driveway where he had pulled up
the car, and had shovelled away all the snow surrounding the car
in its parking space butt up against the road, and was returning to 
the front walk when he did not quite make it up the curb from the 
street. Ye Gods! I thought, if you gotta fall, NOT IN THE STREET,
JAMES~! But he caught himself, and all was well. 

It's 6:53pm right now, and from the sounds which I am hearing, 
Jimmie has bundled up and has gone back out to shovel the whole
thing all over again, by the glare of the snow. You might be saying,
"Can't keep a good man down!" but I am saying, "You must have 
been behind the door when the brains were passed out!"

I only wish he enjoyed checking thru seed catalogs instead of
shovelling. Not a chance. 

Penny, NY


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