Re: [gardeners] It must be winter

Jann (
Thu, 05 Dec 2002 18:55:37 -0600

LOL it's gonna be 10 here tonight. What with the 7 inches of snow, this 
oughta be an icy situation in the AM.


At 05:25 PM 12/5/02 -0600, you wrote:
>Got my Pinetree Seeds catalog today so it must really be winter. Not to
>mention that it's colder than a well digger's ankles in Alaska out
>there. Heading for 32F tonight and probably a few degrees colder
>tomorrow night.
>Doesn't matter, I've been turning down pages in the seed catalog and
>starting to work up a plan for the spring garden. Gotta get the light
>fixtures out of the garage and hook up my seed starting and seedling
>growing set up here in my office. Oops! Better dig out the greenhouse
>heater and get it installed before it gets too cold out there.