Re: [gardeners] It must be winter (
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 23:48:26 -0500

Janni, it's been 18* every night here, but has managed to warm up
to 24* just in time for the snow...  They promised us 8 inches, but it
looks as if it will only be 6. It's midnight now, and they have just 
come thru with the snow plows for the first time, which means sand
and salt on the streets -- and if this turns to rain in the morning, we
will be in quite some mess!  The car is parked at the top of the 
driveway so that we don't have to plow the 130 ft down to the garage
underneath the house in the rear -- all that tarmac makes for great 
tricycle and tether ball playing at the bottom, and the hill was 
wonderful for the go-cart ziiiiiinng...years ago, but it's a bit rough
on shovelling. 

Nonetheless, it's midnight and Jimmie's out there once again just for 
the sheer fun of it, shovelling the same areas all over again. He'd 
actually rather shovel snow than eat, and that's saying something! 
Margaret, you had a premonition, didn't you....?

Junior High aged kids used to come around and ring the doorbell 
when it snowed, asking if they could shovel the driveway for us. Jim
only let them do it once in all these years, and they charged us $25
for the job. Ordinarily, he always did it, by hand. As you may know,
this is the first year in the 48 years we've been here that we were
forced to hire someone to mow the lawn -- and yesterday, one of the
mowers rang my bell and asked if I wanted him to bring a friend and
come shovel the driveway today by hand, since the snow was coming. 
He asked for $80. Life marches on, doesn't it...?  

Maybe if I fix Jimmie a hot rum toddy, he'll stop shovelling and fall
into bed . . . 

Penny, NY


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