Re: [gardeners] It must be winter (
Fri, 6 Dec 2002 00:02:33 -0500

Ron, we NEVER have this cold weather so early in the season, nor can 
I recall having snow before Thanksgiving at any time before -- and here
we are with a 2nd snowstorm already. Astonishing! Yesterday someone
volunteered to put out the "fall" lawn fertilizer for me, but it's become
cold that we are forced to cancel the traditional application of 550 lbs
of acid fertilizer under the shrubs ... yes, we do have a lot of them. 
Don't know how this will affect the plants in the long run, but time will

Up until today, there has been one thing still blooming in my garden,
a clematis jackmanii which comes all the way up to the kitchen door.
This stalwart baby is now 70% covered with snow, and the purple
blossoms can be seen folded and hiding in between. The leaves are
still a lovely green -- somebody tell that plant  IT MUST BE WINTER ...

Penny, NY


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