Re: [gardeners] polish tomatoes (
Sun, 8 Dec 2002 00:40:42 -0500

Screwed that one up didn't I? That's what happens when you hit the send
button too quick.>>>>>>>>>>>>>George

Me too. Son and grandson and son-in-law coming down. Made the double 
batch of brownies, fixed Teriyaki chicken dinner for Jimmie, and then 
started in (at 9:00pm) on the triple Sand Tortes. Too much. I'm getting
old. Got all three fluted pans into the oven, and then saw that 1/3rd of 
a cake's batter was still in a bowl ...  Yikes! I flew like a Frigate
swooping after a blue-footed booby and grabbed that 3rd pan out of the 
oven, swished the batter onto the top, and set it back . . . .  Guess
which cake stuck to the pan....???   Argggh.....

Penny, NY


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