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Anne Green (
Sun, 22 Dec 2002 08:23:21 -0500

Oh how awful!  Wildfires are not easy to live with.  Thankfully, you
still have the house, so have a place to live.  The plants are a great
loss, but easier to replace than your personal belongings.  You are in
our prayers that the fires are out and no one else will be affected like
you have been.  
Anne in FL
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> Hi All, I have great sadness in my heart as I tell you all 
> that on Friday we
> had a wildfire sweep through our district and I lost 
> everything except the
> house and shed. I lost 100,000+ palm and cycad plants, 30,000 
> chillie plants
> , over 250 varieties that all of my good friends world wide 
> had so kindly
> sent me the seeds for. I will update with some photos of the 
> devastation in
> the next couple of days but I am in shock. I lost a hot house 
> , shadehouse
> and everything else on the property. The house was saved by a 
> water bomber
> dropping a load at the critical time.
> Marc in Austruckinfalia.