Re: [gardeners] Home Again (
Thu, 26 Dec 2002 22:24:12 -0500

Gee, George, I still have my original manual potato masher -- and a
potato ricer, and a cast iron pot with an iron handle and lid ...  In
fact, I have a true treasure trove of cooking implements which my 
grown kids will never need. All those years of baking and catering
made this house a Junior Culinary Institute ...<g>... There's a blue
speckled tall pot which can braise 20 lbs of spare ribs -- there's a
wok big enough to boil a goose! And bright orange Belgian cookware.
And a marble rolling pin (for coolness). And both bamboo and aluminum 
ware for steaming Dim Sum. 

If I knew of a couple setting up housekeeping, where one or both of
them adored cooking, I would send off my treasures as a gift, and 
feel particularly gratified that they had found a home.

You know what, George...?  I'm gonna send you my special triple
spatula. You slip the regular spatula underneath an egg or a chop
or most anything, push a button and the thing becomes a triple
spatula in a whissssh... Makes lifting wide portions a breeze, like
half a quiche. It's not only mighty useful, but it's a great 
conversation piece, to be sure. 
We had a very quiet Christmas complete with turkey, apple brown Betty, 
and fresh snow. First white Christmas in 33 years! Jimmie was outside 
shoveling even as the snow was falling -- and I think if he had believed 
that he could have gotten up off of the ground successfully, he would
rolled in it like a kid ... 

He put the car at the top of the long driveway, and we darned well knew 
what would happen -- the snow plows came thru about 3:00am, and 
buried it. . . No problem, said Jim, all the more excuse to be out there

Unfortunately, my 5-1/2 ft umbrella pine is now 2 feet tall. Cannot tell
(and dare not disturb) if it is bent or broken , under the weight of this
very heavy and wet snow. And in back, the row of 7 ft tall Sappho
rhodies has disappeared. They must be plastered flat against the ground,
broken or not, who knows.  5 miles from me they got 11 inches of snow
last night. Now THAT's a mighty heap, all at once! It's going to be an
expensive storm when this is over, with all the cleanup and the breakage.
At least we did not lose power.. 

Penny, NY

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