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Marc Winterburn (
Sat, 28 Dec 2002 23:46:48 +0800

Sadly Roast Pork and not the Christmas kind.  But we will rebuild,  I have
been out today collecting free to good home laying chooks, and am on the
lookout for pigs. The only consolation being in heat that was hot enough
to melt a case hardened padlock the end would have been extremely quick for
I only truly had time to save the kids, the dogs and the wedding
not mine) everything else had to fend for themselves. I came back again
after depositing said evacuees with the intent of saving more but that was
when the wall of flame came charging through and I had to, putting it
"head for the hills"
I returned after the fire, fully expecting nothing to be standing at all and
was real happy to see the house, the shed and the "lucky" pen of chooks.
I'm now going through the painful, is this insured? or not? process with
each item lost. The term "comprehensive" has a whole new meaning when
applied to insurance policies. I'm sure they must have poetic license or
The irrigation pipes that feed the orchard are covered but the trees are
not. The buildings are covered but building materials are not if they
haven't been added to the buildings yet????? Go figure.
I'm just carrying a pen and paper with me where-ever I go and jot down
things that are missing as I think of them.
Then I have to try and figure out what each thing was worth. At least my
insurance company has a New for Old policy which is going to hurt them
because some of my stuff was pretty old and they have to replace it with
new, no questions, no depreciation.
As they say , "you win some and you lose some"

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> Hello, Marc -- you didn't tell us the fate of the pigs...
> Penny, NY
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