Re: [gardeners] Home Again (
Fri, 27 Dec 2002 23:53:48 -0500

Billie, we also love our UPS man -- forever smiling and uncomplaining.
We've watched him through his greatest excitement, when his wife was
to have her cesarian the following day -- gosh, it's so wonderful to be 
young and optimistic! I don't dare hug him, but I wish I could..<g>...  

We also have an unusual relief mailperson -- for some reason which 
escapes me, one day at the door I asked her how things were going,
and she totally beamed from ear to ear. "Ahha!" I said, " that means
a man...." "She shook her head 'yes', and then launched into a life
history of how she met this guy at a local ball game, and in their 
excitement over the play, they grabbed each other's hand --  and that
was it. . . . Now she has dinner every night at his apartment which
he shares with his dad, with the best part being that DAD does all the
cooking!  And on, and on ....  We are now the closest of friends, thru 
an open doorway ... 

And then there's the sanitation engineer. 6ft 3" tall, about 250 lbs, 
unruly rather long hair, strong as two oxen, and sweet as apple pie. 
Somehow he has fastened on to taking care of us two ancient, white
haired crones. Even if I leave 11 barrels of tree clippings out for 
pickup (they're only responsible for one at a time), they get picked up..
One Sunday Jimmie and I were working in the den on computers, when
we saw a strange car pull up, and a man and a woman got out. "Good
Lord!" I said to Jim, "That's Big K...!"  The pair of them never rang the
bell -- they simply walked down the driveway to the back of the house.
Jim and I rushed out the back door to see what on earth was going on,
and Big K greeted us with a hearty 'hello!' and explained that he was
showing off OUR garden to his girlfriend....... Can you beat that...? 

....There really are some warm and wonderful people on this earth, if 
one takes the time to recognize them. 

Penny, NY


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