Re: [gardeners] Weather report (
Tue, 21 Jan 2003 19:18:08 -0500

George, I can't remember a winter with this many consecutive days below
20*f ...  Without any snow cover, we are going to lose our shirts.  Well
ok, we don't have any orange trees, but we sure do have winds -- and they

are known to be dreadfully desiccating. 

The hedge of tall rhodie Sappho, which was lying flat on the ground the
day after the Christmas Day snow, has totally revived all by itself, and
now shouts its defiance of the elements!

BUT: the umbrella pine and the p.j.m.rhodie, which were uprooted 
completely out of the ground by that strange snowfall, both lie flat on
faces on the ground -- Jimmie managed to scoop up some non-frozen soil
from the empty veggie garden, and he covered the root balls with a mound 
of soil, to protect them. It looks as if we are in for many more weeks of
icy weather, and we cannot attempt to replant those trees until we can 
handle the soil ...  

If I told y'all this last week, I am only repeating myself because I am
nervous about the outcome. I have no clout with Mother Nature or Father
Time, so I have been gorging on pickles to assuage my rage and keep 
down the calories. 

I do look a little green around the gills. 

Penny, NY


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