RE: [gardeners] Weather report

lneuru (
Tue, 21 Jan 2003 20:32:54 -0500

100 celsius is boiling point (212 F) and 0 celsius is freezing (32 F).  I
think Marc means Fahrenheit.

120 F is not so bad if it's dry.  I imagine Oz is all dry heat?  no jungle?

Penny, you must have a very different weather pattern from us - I had
thought you were much the same, a bit wetter since you are closer to the
ocean.  Fortunately we have snow cover here, not much, but some.  The new
roses are under about 6-8 inches, accumulated from freezing conditions - our
snow just never melted.  I brought in some pots from the garage to plant the
rest of my bulbs in.  I never got some of them in the ground; it got too
cold here too fast, or at least faster than we were used to for the past few
years.  This winter is more like things used to be.  Feels normal, except we
haven't had a big blizzard yet.  Lucinda

Hi there, Marc -- is your heat dry or humid?

Even if you could stand it, how would the baby zucchini plants manage to
survive being planted out in 120* heat?

Wait a minute ---  is this 120* Celsius?  Hymn - I think that would
be about 99* Fahrenheit. That's still mighty wicked heat ....

Is your weather pattern entirely different from the eastern Australia
severe drought at this moment?  If you are interested, one can see
part of the damage photographed from space:

Our water supply last summer was down to rationing. There was no rain,
and no water in our huge reservoir system. That drought did put all our
trees and bushes at a physical disadvantage for winter, and now the
unusually cold and windy weather will more than likely be some kind of

One more question:  what do you use your greenhouse for?

Penny, NY


On Wed, 22 Jan 2003 00:41:33 +0800 "Marc Winterburn" <>
> We are in for a scorcher tomorrow at  120+ we had 115 here in Gingin
> today
> and it is definitely going to be hotter tomorrow. But then there are
> showers
> forecast for Friday I think. Been cleaning up and finishing off the
> irrigation and also working on the hothouse. I have 200 zucchini
> plants to
> plant tomorrow  but I think I might leave it until the cooler days.
> Marc
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> From: George Shirley <>
> To: Gardeners List <>
> Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2003 10:01 PM
> Subject: [gardeners] Weather report
> > Just thought I would report on the weather here in SW Louisiana.
> > Yesterday's low was 56 with a high of 75. High predicted today is
> also
> > 75F with a low of 55F. Get this, by Friday morning it is forecast
> to be
> > 30F again and again on Saturday morning with lows in the forties
> next
> > week.
> >
> > I am beginning to believe that this is a plot by the Canadians to
> push
> > their surplus cold air off on us poor southerners. WE DON'T WANT
> IT.
> > Make it go away please, I have trees and perennials budding out
> that
> > might get frost bit now. Other than that - Life is Good.
> >
> > George
> >

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