Re: [gardeners] Weather report

George Shirley (
Tue, 21 Jan 2003 21:31:26 -0600

We've never had to face cold weather that lasted for months, not even
for weeks. The most I can remember is once in the sixties it got down
around 15F and stayed there for a couple of days but caused millions of
dollars in damage to crops, cattle, and, more particularly to the
refineries in the area where we lived. I worked three 16 hour days
wearing my woolies, an old Air Force parka that I used for hunting and
all the socks I could get on trying to keep a process unit I was in
charge of from freezing. All to no avail, froze up anyway.

At least we only lose the semi-tropical stuff we grow, not the hardy
perennials like you might lose. I would look very green around the
gills. Wish there was something we could do to help you.

George wrote:
> George, I can't remember a winter with this many consecutive days below
> 20*f ...  Without any snow cover, we are going to lose our shirts.  Well
> ok, we don't have any orange trees, but we sure do have winds -- and they
> are known to be dreadfully desiccating.
> The hedge of tall rhodie Sappho, which was lying flat on the ground the
> day after the Christmas Day snow, has totally revived all by itself, and
> now shouts its defiance of the elements!
> BUT: the umbrella pine and the p.j.m.rhodie, which were uprooted
> completely out of the ground by that strange snowfall, both lie flat on
> their
> faces on the ground -- Jimmie managed to scoop up some non-frozen soil
> from the empty veggie garden, and he covered the root balls with a mound
> of soil, to protect them. It looks as if we are in for many more weeks of
> this
> icy weather, and we cannot attempt to replant those trees until we can
> handle the soil ...
> If I told y'all this last week, I am only repeating myself because I am
> so
> nervous about the outcome. I have no clout with Mother Nature or Father
> Time, so I have been gorging on pickles to assuage my rage and keep
> down the calories.
> I do look a little green around the gills.
> Penny, NY
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