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yeah, we had chili tonight for dinner.  I used a great deal of tabasco
sauce.  It all helped.  I wish I had laid in some Thai hot sauce, though.
The best, with lots of garlic.  Lucinda

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I'm about 150 miles from the mouth of the Mississippi but most of our
cold air comes from farther west than Minnesota. I suspect it comes from
around where you live but would have to call up a weather map to be
sure. I have a good friend just outside Minneapolis and she's
complaining about the cold too. She claims she just opens a bottle of my
hot sauce and it heats the house though.


lneuru wrote:
> Most of our storms, drought, pollution in Great Lakes region, Canada comes
> up from the Ohio Valley.  There is a straight tunnel between us and them.
> So it works both ways.  At the moment, however, we are sitting in an
> Mass', as the weather guys call it.  It is very cold, and will be until at
> least Thursday.  There is a 'cold alert' out and the churches and shelters
> are opening up more spaces, and cops are picking up the remaining homeless
> and keeping them overnight before they become frozen bodies.  I thought
> were at the end of the Mississippi - starts in Minnesota which is easily
> cold as the coldest parts of Canada, or so I understand.  I've never been
> there.  I thought the cold moved down to you along the Mississippi from
> there.  Anyway, it is some cold lately; has driven us into the recipe
> for soups and such.  Your weather sounds pretty balmy to me.  Lucinda
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> Just thought I would report on the weather here in SW Louisiana.
> Yesterday's low was 56 with a high of 75. High predicted today is also
> 75F with a low of 55F. Get this, by Friday morning it is forecast to be
> 30F again and again on Saturday morning with lows in the forties next
> week.
> I am beginning to believe that this is a plot by the Canadians to push
> their surplus cold air off on us poor southerners. WE DON'T WANT IT.
> Make it go away please, I have trees and perennials budding out that
> might get frost bit now. Other than that - Life is Good.
> George