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I do the drip thing when it gets below 20 unless it is windy, then I drip 
at 24. Works for me.


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>Rosemary, turn your water off at source - entry to house - and open the
>spigots at night.  You won't be inconvenienced with no water at night and
>pipes almost never freeze during the day. If you have doors in the basement
>or anyplace near the pipes leave them open if feasible at night.  The worst
>danger is when cold air 'puddles' in a room - it intensifies the cold and
>things freeze faster.  Air circulation keeps things unfrozen.  Out in the
>country I have seen pipes go under a road from well to house basement.  They
>set them inside another pipe so air can go through from the well to the
>basement.  As long as the air circulates it seems to insulate them.  FWIW.
>Hope you manage OK.  We had our waterpipe for the external hose fitted with
>a pop-open valve on the inside of the house.  It gives the ice (bigger mass
>than water) some room for expansion.  Lucinda
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>Speaking of cold........I live in the Ohio Valley (Kentucky). We get weather
>systems from Canada at this time of year - Alberta Clippers, they're called.
>Sometimes, they are dry and don't bring much snow but they always bring
>COLD. Right now, we're sitting in what the weather guys call Siberian cold
>and it's supposed to get much worse the rest of the week. We're expecting at
>least two nights BELOW zero........which almost never happens here. Our
>water pipes, etc. aren't really winterized for cold that serious. We're
>expecting a little snow - not much. The cold right now is the big story.
>Rosemary - on a snowy, cold mountain top in Eastern KY
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> > I'm about 150 miles from the mouth of the Mississippi but most of our
> > cold air comes from farther west than Minnesota. I suspect it comes from
> > around where you live but would have to call up a weather map to be
> > sure. I have a good friend just outside Minneapolis and she's
> > complaining about the cold too. She claims she just opens a bottle of my
> > hot sauce and it heats the house though.
> >
> > George
> >
> > lneuru wrote:
> > >
> > > Most of our storms, drought, pollution in Great Lakes region, Canada
> > > up from the Ohio Valley.  There is a straight tunnel between us and
> > > So it works both ways.  At the moment, however, we are sitting in an
> > > Mass', as the weather guys call it.  It is very cold, and will be until
> > > least Thursday.  There is a 'cold alert' out and the churches and
> > > are opening up more spaces, and cops are picking up the remaining
> > > and keeping them overnight before they become frozen bodies.  I thought
> > > were at the end of the Mississippi - starts in Minnesota which is easily
> > > cold as the coldest parts of Canada, or so I understand.  I've never
> > > there.  I thought the cold moved down to you along the Mississippi from
> > > there.  Anyway, it is some cold lately; has driven us into the recipe
> > > for soups and such.  Your weather sounds pretty balmy to me.  Lucinda
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> > > Just thought I would report on the weather here in SW Louisiana.
> > > Yesterday's low was 56 with a high of 75. High predicted today is also
> > > 75F with a low of 55F. Get this, by Friday morning it is forecast to be
> > > 30F again and again on Saturday morning with lows in the forties next
> > > week.
> > >
> > > I am beginning to believe that this is a plot by the Canadians to push
> > > their surplus cold air off on us poor southerners. WE DON'T WANT IT.
> > > Make it go away please, I have trees and perennials budding out that
> > > might get frost bit now. Other than that - Life is Good.
> > >
> > > George
> >