Re: [gardeners] Starting the spring garden (
Thu, 30 Jan 2003 02:26:11 -0500

Hi there, George -- it's been snow showers all night and then day --
thinking about spring planting is just not happening. In fact, we
both had a cup of hot cocoa tonight, to soothe our chilly feelings.

Jimmie had his 81st family birthday party on Saturday evening, and
you must know what he received as presents: 

 2 big apple pies
 12 curried devilled eggs
 9 x 13 double cheese cake
 6 baked apples
 4 pints of creamed onions
 3 Sand Tortes 
 12 Stu Leonard's schnecken
 1 lb. Evelyn's milk chocolate (Nestle-Peter)
 5 New Jersey lottery tickets
 1 carrying case for a cell phone
 1 hard cover book Lewis & Clarke 
 1 CD of 100 of Jim's favorite hits from the 40's
 1 collage of photos of Jim's 5 generational family 24 x 60

An extremely lucky man, wouldn't you say...? 

Penny, NY


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