RE: [gardeners] NOT Starting the spring garden

lneuru (
Thu, 30 Jan 2003 08:43:01 -0500

too cold to even think about spring planting; I haven't even taken more than
a cursory look at the seed catalogues.  It was -14 last night, and cold,
crisp and clear yesterday and looks like today will be the same.  Not bad
weather for winter; I don't like too much overcast stuff.  The amount of
light is now greater, one month after the solstice, and is giving therefore
the hint that spring might be on its way.  The roofers were here yesterday
and did the garage and part of the main house.  They arrived with brooms and
snow shovels early, then shoveled and swept the roof.  When the sun broke it
was just enough to melt the last slight coating of ice, and they started in
all earnest.  The crew was mostly Newfs, so they are used to this stuff.  We
are having a metal roof put on, gravel coated and it looks like real
shingles.  Harder to burn and it's guaranteed for 50 years, a lot longer
than we are.  I did get out the remainder of the bulbs I never got in and
planted them in a couple of big pots.  They've gone into the cold room and
will be ready for the house in about 6 weeks.  Then it will feel like