Re: [gardeners] Re: Hello! and West Australia report.

George Shirley (
Thu, 06 Feb 2003 10:20:24 -0600

It's down in the low forties F at the moment and a chill rain is
falling. The dog and I have been in the easy chair with a blanket over

I do have chiles sprouting under the grow lights in my office though.
Seven of 26 pots are sprouting at this time. Today I braved the rain to
run out to the greenhouse and pick up some pots I had readied with
potting soil and bring them in. My shipment from Pinetree Seeds came in
yesterday and I wanted to start the eggplant for this year. I had
already started some heirloom Louisiana Long green eggplant but had run
out of Ichiban seeds. Ichiban is a long, slender Japanese style eggplant
that has no bitterness to it at all and is one of our favorites.

Most generally we can plant in the soil by mid to late February but I'm
expecting a late spring this year so it will most likely be toward the
end of March before we plant in the garden.

I'm ready for warm weather though, don't like the cold at all.


Marc Winterburn wrote:
> Hi George, Hows the gardening? has it warmed up enough to plant out yet. We
> have 3 days of 100+F coming up. I was going to go away with the wife and
> kids for the long weekend but it looks like I will have to be the martyr and
> stay home to make sure every thing is alright. It only takes one pump
> failure or similar to kill lots of plants and animals in this weather.
> Kind regards
> Marc Winterburn
> The Oz Chilli Man