Re: [gardeners] Re: Hello! and West Australia report. (
Fri, 7 Feb 2003 01:20:28 -0500

Hi, Marc -- we don't have 3 days of 100+ degrees coming up ---  the
snow has started (midnight) and we have succumbed to the Senior
Privilege of leaving the car at the top of the 130 ft driveway so that
Jimmie can take his time hand shoveling ...  since his mackinaw 
zipper broke and his boots sprang a tear thru the rubber, I don't quite
know just how he will manage to stay warm and dry in the morning, but 
I DO know that he will stay determined...! 

To our amazement, our grandson down in South Carolina (which rarely
ever sees any snow at all) is experiencing his 3rd snow storm of this
winter right this minute, and his furnace quit. How does Fate know 
with such deadly accuracy how to bedevil a person...? 

Actually, we lost all power yesterday. This has NOT been a fun winter.
But given the choice, I would rather have it  -20*f than 110*f and so 
I must not complain. . .   Can spring be far behind..? 

Penny, NY


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