[gardeners] Thursday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 20 Feb 2003 09:04:13 -0600

Got home from work about 0730 and Sleepy and I went out into the
backyard again. Pretty much static at the moment as, according to the
weatherman, we are in line for some heavy rains this week.

Felt so nice out I put the collar and leash on Sleepy and we went for a
walk around the block. Japanese magnolias are in full bloom and,
surprisingly, so are the redbud trees, wasn't expecting them to bloom
this early. A number of haw trees in the neighborhood are in full bloom
and looking good and the camellias are still full of blooms. Lots of
camellias in this town, everyone seems to like them. 

I swear I can smell jasmine somewhere in the area but never did see the
plant. Maybe I'm having olfactory hallucinations, it's happened before
when I was anticipating spring.

Need to take the Mantis in to the tiller repair parlor and get it ready
for spring. Miz Anne and I decided last night to get a small TroyBilt
for use around the gardens. Will be the 4.4HP Tuffy one as that is all
we need. It's getting harder for these arthritic hands to handle the
vibration of the Mantis long enough to till the big garden or the whole
strip garden. Will end up using it for cultivating and doing small jobs
in the flower beds.

We are hearing the weather folks on national TV saying those of you who
got lots of snow recently may be facing floods when the warm weather
hits you. Certainly hope those who are looking at floods are prepared
and on high ground. I know lots of states needed the snow to overcome
drought conditions but snow and floods both! Good grief, Charlie Brown,
enough's enough.

Just remember that spring will come eventually and you can dig in the
dirt again. Life is good.