Re: [gardeners] Wednesday in the garden (
Thu, 20 Feb 2003 02:58:52 -0500

Hmmn, well George, spring is in the air hereabouts, too. It warmed
up to 34 degrees, and the MOUNTAIN of snow on the ground has
decided to start its thaw. 

Jim was out there again today, happy as a giant hummingbird, and
shoveling away. He decided not to do the entire driveway (for the 
first time) because his hip and knee hurt so much. 

You know, we go once every 2 or 3 weeks to the China Buffet, and 
every time we walk in, the manager sings out, top of his lungs, 
"Zhonguo cha!" Now that simply means Chinese tea, but they all 
know that this is what I will request from the young person waiting 
on me ... The waiters ALL sing out, "Ni hao!" which just means
hello, and even the gal who takes care of the steam tables and
speaks neither Mandarin nor English waves and smiles... We don't 
do anything special -- we don't tip all these people, we don't bring 
them extra customers -- yes, I do ask for anything I want in Chinese, 
which they enjoy.  
Tonite we reached our table, and the pretty girl smiled and said, 
"Hot tea and Diet Coke?" and we laughed -- how can they remember...? 
Then just as we were finishing our meal, she arrived at the table 
with a flourish and placed a dinner plate in front of Jimmie, loaded 
with 4 pieces of cake, 4 squares of jello, 4 half peaches, and a 
lighted candle stuck in another square of cake, and sang 
Happy Birthday to Jimmie, all by herself..!  Can you tell me how 
these people manage to remember those things...?  


Penny, NY


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