[gardeners] Watching it rain, again

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 25 Feb 2003 17:53:31 -0600

Started with a real thunderboomer this morning about 0300 and has been
off and on all day. Wish some of the folks around the world who need
this rain could get some of ours. Forecast is not for terribly cold
weather but with the wind chill it is going to be too cold for this old
wreck to be wandering about outside. I'm huddling close to a warm dog
and Miz Anne, that oughta help.

The seedlings in the trays under lights in my office are doing
exceedingly well. I start a little light fertilizer tomorrow and will
crank up the fan to strengthen the little plant folk. I turn their trays
a half turn each morning and they're under the lights for about 12 hours
out of 24.

Chile seedlings are really looking good and the eggplant children are
not far behind. Miz Anne's pansy seeds are still coming up and tiny yet.
The two little pots of free tomato seed from Pinetree are up. This is a
variety called "Jelly Bean Grape" IIRC, one I've not grown before.
Suspect it is grape sized "cherry" toms but we will see. I like stuff I
can eat whilst prowling the garden so maybe this will be it.

After talking to a dietician about what I can eat now that I've got
G.E.R.D I discovered that fresh tomatoes are okay but tomato sauce,
canned tomatoes, and tomato paste are not a good idea except in
moderation. Does anyone know why this is? Does the acid content
concentrate in canned tomatoes? Curious isn't it, when USDA advise
adding lemon juice or citric acid to home canned tomatoes because modern
varieties aren't acidic enough on their on.