Re: [gardeners] Re: this is spring?

George Shirley (
Tue, 04 Mar 2003 08:14:42 -0600

Ours are alligators, the American crocodile is found only in southern
Florida and is protected. I do believe there are croc farms in Australia
that ship the meat around the world. Alligator has a unique flavor in my
opinion, I'm not overly fond of it but you can buy almost any kind of
meat locally due to our transient population in the oil patch.

We ate camel at a feast in Saudi and I didn't particularly care for it
but it was a red meat so ate it. Water buffalo is tasty, as is domestic
rabbit, don't care for wild rabbit much. I've eaten several other
animals like snake, monkey, tapir (South American animal) and several
different kinds of large rodents including capybara. I have a friend who
gives the same answer when anyone asks him how exotic meat tastes, "Just
like chicken." He then grins and walks away.

There are some folks who can tell the difference between meats just by
tasting but I'm not one of them. It all tastes like meat to me. <VBG>

We're expecting more rain today so reckon plowing and planting is
another couple of weeks away.

George wrote:
> George, I had NO idea that the crocks brought in money ....
> Jimmie once chose crocodile meat to have the chef prepare on the
> massive drum fire at the Mandarin bar-b-q -- he said that it tasted
> like fishy steak. I suppose if you grow up with it, it's all right.
> We have a friend, a nuclear scientist, whose hobby has been
> investigating exotic foods in New York City ... one night he ordered
> lion for his wife,and camel for himself, but once they had tasted it,
> he called the waiter over...  Said he, "I do believe that you have
> mixed our orders up!" and a subsequent rush to the kitchen proved
> him right ...  I'll bet that he could have spotted the crocodile meat
> in an instant. .
> Penny, NY