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Wed, 26 Feb 2003 14:14:24 -0600

Oh George! I am sooooo....... sorry............ to hear this! There is just
no way I can speak sharply to a "Sister" flat decorator! I have the same
problem. Hubby is the neat freak and I am the messy person. I always have 4
or 5 things going at least somewhere in the process of getting done. Right
now I have over 40 yards of various red, white and blue designed fabric
washed and ironed waiting for me to clean up a place so I can start cutting
quilt squares. I also have a new vacuum sealer thing that I am playing with.
This project is getting food that you don't have to cook or will go bad in
the weather extremes to be put in my 2 kids and their spouses autos for
"just in case" things. I am also making flavored oatmeal mixes to vacuum
pack for those 3 days worth of food you are supposed to have on hand now.
Actually I have worlds of food for the whole family and the kids are sitting
good I just do this as a hobby since it won't hurt anything to be prepared.
I have already gotten a sewing kit for all together and a personal grooming
kit. Next is a Auto hazard kit and sometime all will get extensive medical
kits with more than just Band-Aids.
     I have the Bernina artista 180 and the Juki surger set up permanently
on a corner desk and lateral file cabinet on one side of the room and the
other side had the computer, fax and the 3 in one with the cabinet to hold
all the other goodies beside it. This is all contained in 1 room that is 12'
X 12'. I can wheel all around in this chair and play all day!
    The kitchen is always a wreck either because I am traveling for business
or cooking from scratch and that just makes a mess. When I make cookies I
double and triple recipes! I cook for whole armies and share it with the 2
kids and the 80+ y.o. in-laws. after 27 years my poor hubby has accepted the
fact that I am a messy person. I have learned to try and keep this mess
contained in the kitchen and the play room. It does get away from me
sometimes and spreads to the dining table until I open my eyes and say
Ooops! and get it cleaned off.
   We won't even talk about my weed room down at the old house that nobody
uses! Neat is just not in my vocabulary! Oh yes, I don't know what that word
is they spell like this D-U-S-T. I just can't figure out what that word

Okie zone 7a
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> Could I convince you to come down here and speak sharply with Miz Anne
> about her "junk". If there is a flat place within reach it is covered
> with her stuff and I won't even mention what her art studio looks like.
> Cowabunga!
> George