Re: [gardeners] Watching it rain, again

Jann (
Wed, 26 Feb 2003 15:13:00 -0600

I have been on Prilosec for two years now. Since I get them for free, I 
have never seen the generic. I get a couple other of my meds for free or 
for a co-pay that are otherwise very expensive. Getting old is sometimes 
too depressing. But then the alternative sucks.


At 10:15 AM 2/26/03 -0700, you wrote:
>I've had acid reflux for years.  When I first tried Prilosec, it worked 
>wonders, but the label said you could only use it for a short time.  Then 
>I struggled with OT meds and Tums, moving up to Tums Ultra (that's okay, I 
>get calcium from them too).  Finally my doctor said they had decided you 
>could use Prilosec for a longer period of time than originally thought. So 
>I took that for a few years.  Okay, they finally came out with a generic 
>version that seems to be working okay for me (our insurance pays for meds 
>but I assume it's cheaper).  But first...But first, the manufacturer of 
>Prilosec, whose patent was about to run out made slight changes to the 
>formula according to the sources I've read, then called and patented it as 
>Nexium, and proceeded to sell it via television.  What happens when that 
>patent runs out? Lastium?  It infuriated me (I know, some of you will say 
>that's good business or the American way -- I say it's a violation of 
>patient rights) that the manufacturer had people call me to "talk to me 
>about my prescription."  I told them I didn't buy from telemarketers and 
>they kept saying they weren't selling anything, they just wanted to talk 
>(about things they had no right to know).  I'm extremely happy that the 
>generic (Omeprazole) is working so well.  @#$%^ multinational drug 
>companies.  Margaret L
>>Hello, again, George,
>>I know what you mean: our kitchen cabinet is beginning to look like my 
>>grandmother's, with those little amber plastic bottles. But truth be 
>>told, I would be one sick puppy without my Nexium.
>>One change I have made that has proved very beneficial is to drink tea 
>>instead of coffee. The slight amount of caffein in it does not seem to 
>>bother me. Give it a try.