Re: [gardeners] Wednesday and not in the garden

George Shirley (
Wed, 05 Mar 2003 08:43:38 -0600

Poor soil is ideal for most herbs, they all started out as weeds anyway.
I would rip out the flowers and you can cut back the rosemary without
killing it. I have to cut mine back every two years or it will take over
the herb garden. Save the prunings for use in grilling meats,
particularly poultry, adds a good flavor.

At the moment the low end of our backyard is almost a pond but no herons
high-stepping around. We had a great white land in the backyard last
year and I think it was attracted by the bird bath. Stood on the ground
and drank from the bath. Wish I had gotten a picture before it flew away

Miz Anne was dusting and rearranging her collection of seashells and
artifacts yesterday so I guess spring must be coming soon. Neither of us
like spring cleaning much but sometimes, after the furnace has run all
winter, you have to catch and discard the dust rhinos. <VBG>

George, off to the library again

Billie wrote:
> >
> >The peach tree is starting to bloom and the mayhaw trees are setting
> >fruit. The loquat has plenty of fruit for such a small tree but it
> >doesn't seem to be getting any larger. Since I don't know much about
> >loquats I'm going to have to do some research.
> >
> >Other than that the Shirley tribe are all doing well and life is good.
> >
> >George
> I finally got the courage to go outside and assess the yard (nothing
> major has happened, just that time of the year when everything really
> does look its worst) - the daffodils blooming pulled me out there...:)
> Our peach trees are getting ready to bloom and the roses are leafing
> out some. The wisteria along our fence shot out one green tendril
> that looks like it got zapped in the ice storm. I did some pruning
> and "prettying up" in the front yard that I call "outside the fence,"
> and my husband tackled the big chore in the biggest backyard bed -
> cutting the out of control buddleia all the way back. We should have
> done it sooner but at least it's done!
> I'm hoping to use any dry days this week and next to make my way all
> the way around the yard. Then we start getting the vegetable bed
> ready - didn't plant it last year and we're all itching to this year.
> I have a couple of big projects planned - get a strong, permanent
> arbor built over the window on the side of our house for the climbing
> roses; get our shed doors repaired; and make a final decision about
> turning the round herb garden into a fire pit (the kids love "camp"
> fires and this herb garden is such a mixed bag left over from the
> previous owners - azaleas, a huge rosemary, phlox, chives - it
> replaced a huge oak tree that came down in Hurricane Fran and I don't
> think the soil there is very good anyway). Whoops, that's three
> things! The list of ideas is a mile long but I have to deal with
> reality...:)
> Keeping my eye out for the great blue heron that cleaned out our
> goldfish pond last spring... I send the Corgi's out there early to do
> guard duty...:)
> We're all good as well. Wishing I could hire a team of cleaners to
> come in and do spring cleaning in one fell swoop.. (versus my doing
> it in dribs and drabs so you never get the effect of everything being
> done at one time!)
> billie