Re: [gardeners] Wednesday and not in the garden

Billie (
Wed, 5 Mar 2003 09:54:26 -0500

>Poor soil is ideal for most herbs, they all started out as weeds anyway.
>I would rip out the flowers and you can cut back the rosemary without
>killing it. I have to cut mine back every two years or it will take over
>the herb garden. Save the prunings for use in grilling meats,
>particularly poultry, adds a good flavor.

I have tried a variety of herbs there and so far the only thing that 
is doing well is that rosemary and the chives...  I moved the basil 
to the veg. garden several years ago b/c we use a lot of it and it 
hadn't done well in the "herb" garden bed... I agree about getting 
those azaleas and phlox out of there - maybe if we do that and cut 
the rosemary back I'll be inspired enough to draw up a little herb 
garden plan and give it another chance...

That reminds me of another chore - get rid of the old gas grill that 
kicked the bucket in January...:/