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Fri, 14 Mar 2003 00:16:06 +0800

We do try to produce a lot of our own mulch but we are getting 1200 bales of
straw and we took delivery of 65 tons of chicken poo composted with brewery
waste a few weeks ago. We lost all our mulch in the bushfires so are having
to buy in. It was such an intense fire that there was nothing left on the
ground at all.. Scorched earth policy.
No we don't have many deciduous trees in Australia. i think one of our few
native deciduous trees is Toona Australis. We have two of those in pots.
About 60 of them burnt in the fires.
Our Bush is replenished by the fires. A lot of our natives only germinate
after a fire.
My hospital stay will only be a short one this time as my surgeon only wants
to do my left carpel tunnel op this time and do some further tests on my
He is pretty thorough which is good as he is not keen to operate on my spine
untill all other options have been explored.
Sadly I know my own body and think that he is just delaying the inevitable
but hey he's the one with the knife so I will let him decide when.

The north of Aussie is very lush during the "wet". (Nov to March)
Off to bed now will reply tomorrow night.
Kind Regards
Marc Winterburn

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> Indeed yes, Marc, we would all like to see your article on organic
> surface cultivation when it is ready ...  Do you produce a lot of your
> own mulch?  Do you have deciduous trees?  And a big question:
> is the prairie deminished or replenished from the wildfires which hit
> you so recently...?
> You threw us a curve with that "during my hospital stay Saturday
> week..."  We'll have to wish you a speedy return, and all kinds
> of success with your confinement.
> There seem to be an extraordinary number of tropical cyclones which
> sweep across northern Australia continuously at this season. Is that a
> lush and fertile area..?
> Penny, NY
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