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We're paying on average $1.85.  Ouch!  I've been sending out letters of protest, not that I think it will do any good *sigh*.  The people we are complaining to can afford those gas guzzlers.  At least I've taken my frustrations out on the keyboard today ;)

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$1.52 here at non-brand stations, up to $1.85 at national brand
stations. I'm glad my little Hyundai gets 32 miles per gallon. Just went
down and paid off the loan on it this morning, it looks even better now.


Jann wrote:
> We are still at 1.51 and going up.
> Janni
> At 09:31 AM 3/13/03 -0800, you wrote:
> >Hello, again, Marc,
> >
> >Luckily, we in Los Angeles, are not in the same boat with most of
> >California so far as electicity is concerned: LA has its own municipal
> >power plant.
> >
> >What I was referring to is the upward spiraling of oil and natural gas
> >costs involved in the production of electricity. Gasoline at my local
> >station, for regular unleaded, is now $2.07 per gallon. At that rate, it
> >costs me $30.00 to fill up my Honda Accord every week!
> >
> >Ron