Re: [gardeners] gasoline

Billie (
Fri, 14 Mar 2003 09:56:10 -0500

>Hi, Penny,
>I know that our high prices in CA are largely due to special 
>formulations to reduce smog, and that a significant portion of the 
>price per gallon also goes to maintain our highways by way of taxes, 
>but.......When we drove home from choir practice last night, I saw 
>prices for regular unleaded at $2.17 all overr West L.A., which we 
>drive through to get home to the Valley.

I saw on the news the other night that gas prices had topped 
$3/gallon somewhere in California. :0

We have our weekly grocery/gas/miscellaneous budget lumped together 
and I have been having less each week recently for miscellaneous (the 
first to get cut, since misc. for us means eating out, getting a 
pizza delivered if no one feels like cooking, etc.) - I guess I'm 
going to have to pull some money from somewhere else to allow for the 
gas increase.

billie hinton

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