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Now George, a new truck isn't all that bad. I want a new POS truck myself.
The old 78 F150 bit the dust one last time and is gone. All we have now are
a 2001 Dodge 4x4 ton truck and a 2000 F250 crew cab. Each way the heck over
35 grand. Both are earning their keep on the ranch. The ton truck for the
Dirty Work the F250 4x4 for the clean stuff. I can't drive the ton truck
with my short legs and big tummy comfortably and besides that the guys
always have it. I am not about to go run around the pastures in the F250
with the 10 ply tires that can tear up $200 each if you don't shop careful
    Since we got rid of the ol ranch truck I feel absolutely grounded! I
have literally been house bound! It is horrible. Event he dogs have suffered
because they can't jump up on the back of the ton truck to go and their too
big just to pick up and toss on. My daughter in law's sister has about a
1988 Chevy 2 wheel drive in excellent shape for $1500. They even have
plastic over the seat to protect it. Runs great, inside looks good, outside
paint job stinks. He mother drove it lightly before she became to blind to
drive from the diabetes.
    The thing is I am sure it isn't a gas sipper. It can do 70 on interstate
easy too. I just want something I can use when I want it. You should have
heard hubby. First thing he said was if I got it don't even think of letting
him or Jon drive it! I told him they could drive it just don't abuse it like
a real work truck! You know, stay out of mud holes axle deep, don't jump any
more creeks, and dang it all quit thinking that it's just a old truck so oh
    I haven't turned loose of the money yet. I keep thinking about all those
little fix it jobs that pop up on a old truck like that.

Okie zone 7a
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> Now Miz Anne wants a pickemup truck but I don't think we need
> one. I'm in favor of her driving the 1991 Dodge until she has to call me
> to come get her on the side of the road. Thing has well over 200K miles
> on it now, gets 30mpg, and only costs about $300.00 a year in
> maintenance above and beyond, gas, oil, tires, brakes, and other
> expendables. Besides that, if I get her a truck she'll haul more "stuff"
> George