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George Shirley (
Fri, 14 Mar 2003 15:22:26 -0600

We sold her 1988 F150 XLT Lariat we had bought used because it ate so
much gas, about 9 mpg. If she gets a truck at all it will be a Ranger
with the stretch cab and I'll put a tonneau cover on the back. I think
she just likes the idea of the beautiful woman in the pickup driving
down the road.B-)


bsk wrote:
> Now George, a new truck isn't all that bad. I want a new POS truck myself.
> The old 78 F150 bit the dust one last time and is gone. All we have now are
> a 2001 Dodge 4x4 ton truck and a 2000 F250 crew cab. Each way the heck over
> 35 grand. Both are earning their keep on the ranch. The ton truck for the
> Dirty Work the F250 4x4 for the clean stuff. I can't drive the ton truck
> with my short legs and big tummy comfortably and besides that the guys
> always have it. I am not about to go run around the pastures in the F250
> with the 10 ply tires that can tear up $200 each if you don't shop careful
> like!
>     Since we got rid of the ol ranch truck I feel absolutely grounded! I
> have literally been house bound! It is horrible. Event he dogs have suffered
> because they can't jump up on the back of the ton truck to go and their too
> big just to pick up and toss on. My daughter in law's sister has about a
> 1988 Chevy 2 wheel drive in excellent shape for $1500. They even have
> plastic over the seat to protect it. Runs great, inside looks good, outside
> paint job stinks. He mother drove it lightly before she became to blind to
> drive from the diabetes.
>     The thing is I am sure it isn't a gas sipper. It can do 70 on interstate
> easy too. I just want something I can use when I want it. You should have
> heard hubby. First thing he said was if I got it don't even think of letting
> him or Jon drive it! I told him they could drive it just don't abuse it like
> a real work truck! You know, stay out of mud holes axle deep, don't jump any
> more creeks, and dang it all quit thinking that it's just a old truck so oh
> well!
>     I haven't turned loose of the money yet. I keep thinking about all those
> little fix it jobs that pop up on a old truck like that.
> Ranchmama
> Okie zone 7a
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> > Now Miz Anne wants a pickemup truck but I don't think we need
> > one. I'm in favor of her driving the 1991 Dodge until she has to call me
> > to come get her on the side of the road. Thing has well over 200K miles
> > on it now, gets 30mpg, and only costs about $300.00 a year in
> > maintenance above and beyond, gas, oil, tires, brakes, and other
> > expendables. Besides that, if I get her a truck she'll haul more "stuff"
> >
> > George