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GizmoAZ (
Sat, 15 Mar 2003 20:04:50 -0700

It was a very busy day here as well.  I edged, mowed, fertilized, and 
watered my grass today.  Went to Lowes, they had all bulbs, plugs, 
tubers for $1 a bag.  I picked up some Clematis, Iris, Glads (25 in a 
bag!), and Dinner Plate Dahlias!  All, $1 each.  I'm trembling thinking 
of it. How often do we get that opportunity.  I also could not resist 
and bought another rose *sigh*.  Sophy's Rose, it is beautiful.  Took 
some pictures of my roses today too, as many are starting to bloom.  Let 
me introduce you to them :)

Sophy's Rose:

Duchesse d' Auerstadt:

Elie Beauvillain:

Ginger Hill:

Marquise de Boccella:

White Maman Cochet:

Mutabilis (Butterfly Rose)

Summer Fashion:

and last but not least:

Yolande d' Aragon

I'm exhausted, haven't had dinner yet.  I think it's going to be fast 
food tonight ;)

Chat with you later...
Chandler, Arizona        Sunset Zone: 13
Alan Zelhart
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Jann wrote:

> Darn! We had 76 today. I DEwinterized my place two days ago. Two more 
> weeks of winter for me, you can just bet.
> Janni
> At 01:22 AM 3/15/03 -0500, you wrote:
>> Gosh, Marc - I was forced to drive out in a sleet storm yesterday,
>> March 13th, to get some medicine -- and within an hour, everything
>> in sight had a new light white coat which is lasting ... at the high
>> of 29*f, it ain't gonna thaw very soon ....
>> Penny, NY
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