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bsk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 24 Mar 2003 21:25:55 -0600

Wait until one of those lovelies gets under the hood of your car or truck!
Weeeeeeee Dogggies! Talking about major bucks to repair all the wiring! Just
in case you didn't know it. It is difficult if not almost impossible to get
the critters once they take up nesting in your auto under the hood. Just to
make it easy on you. Get about 3 rat size glue traps and set it around the
engine compartment where you know it goes. Worked like a pleasant dream for
me instead of the week long nightmare we had before we thought of it.LOL Oh
yes, it also works for those cute little fuzzy tailed rats called squirrels
that people invite into the yard.

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From: "Jann" <linncrk@access2k1.net>

> We were talking about that tonight. I don't need the mess they will bring.
> So far there is no damage. But they are so big! Someone said they were
> probably packrats. But I don't think so. I did ident them. Or him.  And,
> remember, they are in/under the blackberry bushes. Those thorns tear me
> Guess I am on a mission!