[gardeners] Tuesday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 21:23:54 -0600

Up early this morning and off to a clients place. Had a little problem
with my blood glucose while I was out and had to eat some dextrose
tablets and recovered fairly quickly. Going hypoglycemic always leaves
me listless and sort of despondent but -

On the way home I noticed all the beautiful flowers in bloom in our
neighborhood. The azaleas are all in full bloom and every house has at
least two and most have many more, they're used like privet hedges
around here. In addition all the fruit trees, real ones and the
decorative type, are in bloom excepting the citrus and it's too early
for them yet.

Here at home the peach, plum, mayhaw, and pear trees are abloom as are
some of the iris beds. The bronze and purple Louisiana iris are blooming
and the very pale lavender we though had died has a bloom too. The red
LA iris have budded, several of them, and we anxiously await the blooms.
Miz Anne spotted another one of the plants in the ditch where we rescued
the ones we have so we'll be ditch diving sometime this week. Now where
did I put the shovel and the rubber boots, oh yeah, they're in the trunk
of the car. <VBG>

Even some daffodils we thought had finally died out were in bloom this
week so there's hope for many of the plants we thought wouldn't make it.
Bulb type plants, other than amaryllis, usually don't last but one or
two years here, too hot and damp I guess.

The gardens are still too wet to till so we wait a little longer.
Meantime the tomato and chile starts are getting bigger and bigger. The
starting shelves in my office only contain some pansy starts now as we
moved the veggies out to the greenhouse where the door stays open all
the time now. In there they are sheltered from the wind and the worse of
the sunshine and, as long as I remember to water every other day, they
continue to grow.

Yup, by suppertime I was in a much better mood and looking forward to
another day. Life is good.