Re: [gardeners] Re: Pictures of Sandy

GizmoAZ (
Sat, 29 Mar 2003 07:02:12 -0700

I'm telling you Ranchmama, she hasn't touched a thing.  A real angel! 
 And when you smile at her and say good morning, she smiles back and 
lifts her paw for you to shake.  As you, I just cannot understand why 
someone wouldn't want her.  She seems a little afraid to play as if 
someone would start out playing with her, and then beating the hell out 
of her.  It's very odd behavior.  I hope I can raise her comfort zone 
with playing.

Chat with you later...
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bsk wrote:

>Beautiful dogs! Can't believe someone would take them to the pound to be
>killed! Ain't nothing wrong with that dog! It ain't broke! I guess it is a
>shade better than dumping in the country for the coyotes to finish off but
>the pound ain't much better.
>    Have fun and I just hope she doesn't rearrange those lovely flowers I
>saw in the picture.
>Okie zone 7a