[gardeners] Sunday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 30 Mar 2003 09:46:50 -0600

Beautiful day with lots of sunshine but fairly cold out. We're
experiencing what we hope is the last cold spell of the year, supposed
to be 39F tomorrow morning, brrr!

Azalea blooms are about done but the iris are really blooming now. We're
waiting for the red LA iris in the front to bloom, there are several
bloom stalks and they should be opening by tomorrow. The bronze, purple,
lavender, and yellow LA iris are all blooming and are beautiful. A few
poppies have opened up but many are still growing so we're waiting for
those too. 

The fruit trees are still abloom and the pear is starting to set fruit
as are the mayhaws. The peach is still blooming strongly and we have
high hopes for peaches this year. Alas, the pluot and it's mate, a Bruce
plum, bloomed a week apart this year, so probably no plums or pluots for
us. The loquat fruit are getting larger and we look forward to our
first, small, crop from that tree.

Miz Anne harvested a bucket of carrots this morning and I will be vacuum
sealing them in bags for the freezer shortly. Many more are there to be
pulled. The main garden, unfortunately, is still too wet to till but
with the wind that has been blowing since Friday it should dry out soon
barring another rainstorm. We had to close the greenhouse again
yesterday as the cool air and the high winds would soon dessicate the
tender seedlings in there.

Life is good.