[gardeners] Saturday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 05 Apr 2003 15:51:52 -0600

Woke up at 0500 to a light rain falling which put the quietus on
planting the spring garden this morning. By noon it had stopped and the
garden is rapidly surface drying so tomorrow I should be able to plant
and mulch.

Miz Anne went off with the Altar Society ladies this morning to a museum
in Houston to see the Treasures of the Vatican so it has been pretty
quiet around here. Suited me fine as I have a full-bore allergy attack
going on, seems the pine trees are doing their annual thing and

Just came in from walking around the place and the blueberries are
setting fruit, the boysenberries are in full bloom, the mayhaws have set
fruit as has the peach. The peach has fruit about the size of the first
joint of my thumb and I sure hope we get some of them this year. The
Fuyu persimmon has tiny blooms and is loaded with them. I have the same
hope for it as I do for the peach. Unfortunately my pluot and its
pollenator bloomed a week apart this year so no fruit that I can find on
them at all. The pear is self-pollenated but I see no fruit from the
many blooms on that one either. The fig hasn't started blooming yet but
it won't be long.

The chile and tomato starts in the greenhouse are blooming, good thing I
start plants in gallon containers has the soil is just now reaching 70F
or better. 79F ambient this afternoon, looks like we will go directly
from winter to summer here again.

Talked to my lovely daughter on the telephone today and she and her
children and grandchild are doing well. We will be going over there for
Easter and then again the week after for the eldest granddaughters
confirmation, she is an adult convert to our church and we are her
grandparents. When asked what she wanted for a confirmation gift she
asked for something she won't get - a car. Ah, to be 16 years old again
and with big expectations.

Life is good.