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Sat, 5 Apr 2003 18:56:27 -0600

    Mine is 19 and been through most of the calibers and is a avid long
range shooter. He has a special made 308 gun for the 1000 yards. Just the
scope itself was more than the gun and the whole shoot'n match was over 2
grand! Fine he is young and all that stuff. The problem is now his daddy is
getting into it and has all the parts ordered to put him one together. He
just bought a action today that was close to $500. Talks about jeweled
triggers and creggar ? barrels and all kinds of goodies.
    Jon at this time outshoots all the local yokels at long range and that
includes the state troopers that shoot at his father in laws range. Long
range or speed pistol shooting he has them whipped. Course we are finding
out most anybody can outshoot the state guys. LOL Jon even showed the sniper
how to shoot! LOL
     It will be interesting to see if the young stud can whip his daddy (the
ol' stud) at target shooting soon. LOL
     That's ok, as long as they do my garden disking tomorrow and the other
heavy hauling I have planned for some raised beds with telephone poles and
plastic underneath to control the grass.

Okie zone 7a
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> crawled out to the compost pile last night at midnight to hunt some worms
for fish bait, went
> fishing at the crack of dawn this morning with my son. Caught a 2 lb.
> crappie! Just wish it was him. Also, introduced him to a 30 x .06 riffle.
> He's graduating from BB' gun to .22. He has these amazing ideas that he
> wants something larger so he can go deer hunting with me. Cabella's is a
> dream shopping guide for him right now. He's 13 and pushing All limits.
> I brought him out to the game lands and let him pull a shot off on the 30
> .06. Just one bullet in the gun w/ me standing behind him for support.
> Now he's sure he wants a .22