Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden

George Shirley (
Sat, 05 Apr 2003 20:15:16 -0600

Craig Watts wrote:
> Miz Anne went off with the Altar Society ladies this morning to a museum
> in Houston to see the Treasures of the Vatican so it has been pretty
> quiet around here. Suited me fine as I have a full-bore allergy attack
> going on, seems the pine trees are doing their annual thing and
> pollenating.
> George,
> I beleive the term "Green Acres" describes the situation around here. The
> Pines are billowing with pollen.
> Great weekend end so far. Durham Bulls game last night, crawled out to the
> compost pile last night at midnight to hunt some worms for fish bait, went
> fishing at the crack of dawn this morning with my son. Caught a 2 lb.
> crappie! Just wish it was him. Also, introduced him to a 30 x .06 riffle.
> He's graduating from BB' gun to .22. He has these amazing ideas that he
> wants something larger so he can go deer hunting with me. Cabella's is a
> dream shopping guide for him right now. He's 13 and pushing All limits. So,
> I brought him out to the game lands and let him pull a shot off on the 30 x
> .06. Just one bullet in the gun w/ me standing behind him for support.
> Now he's sure he wants a .22
Started taking my kids squirrel hunting at age 3 and the deer stand at
age 5. Daughter killed her first buck at 7 shooting her custom .257
Roberts. Son killed his at age 8 shooting his .243 Winchester in a
Remington Mohawk  600. It's good for youngsters to go afield with
parents, fishing and hunting, you're doing good Craig. My babies are 39
and 41 now and both are solid citizens, doing work they love, raising
families, and still love the outdoors. Gun safety, as always is
paramount and I'm sure you know that. My best to your son and a .22 is a
good first gun, I was going afield with mine at age 7, just me and the
dog, but it was a different world more than 50 years ago.