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George Shirley (
Sat, 05 Apr 2003 20:17:18 -0600

She doesn't know it yet but I bought her Mom's Pontiac for the payoff as
my daughter is getting a new one. She'll find out on confirmation day
but I want her to sweat it first. <VBG> My own kids got used cars for
high school graduation and then were on their own.


bsk wrote:
> Maybe not a new one but maybe a old cheap insurance car or a down payment to
> get her going on one she can pay for? It is always good to help them when
> and if we can. It is a lot harder now days than it was in your day to get
> going in the right direction.
>     Maybe that veggie stand you always dreamed of or grow the produce for
> her to sell at the farmers market if your one of those earn what you get
> folks.
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> >  When asked what she wanted for a confirmation gift she
> > asked for something she won't get - a car. Ah, to be 16 years old again
> > and with big expectations.