Re: [gardeners] Tuesday almost in the garden (
Tue, 8 Apr 2003 23:18:16 -0400

Anne, my goodness but I would have been very unhappy watching
my plane get deiced twice before take-off -- and I am usually a
big flying booster! 

By now, after 4 days and nights, Jimmie and I also figure that 
the family made it -- and this was the first time that our son 
chose NOT to bring along his laptop!  Bet that never happens again ...

Our huge snowstorm of yesterday was not a problem here in our
town. Slippery it was, and destructive of the shrubbery with the
weight of all the wet snow, but I don't think we got more than
4 inches. The landscape people are going to be millionaires
when spring comes -- everyone has been hit with tortured
trees and split shrubs, not to forget the amount of totally dead
azaleas everywhere. It's 32* and raining now, and the whole
yard is leaning down to touch the earth. Strange looking, and
very worrisome. 

I stood and watched in the open doorway as two great big
town plows came up and down our road, only to stop as
they met and have a kaffee klatch ...  of course it was 2:00am,
but geez, they gotta get their overtime, right..? 

Penny, NY


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