Re: [gardeners] The March of Time (
Thu, 17 Apr 2003 01:36:19 -0400

George, we've lived in this house for 50 years, and last summer was 
the very first time we hired a gardener to cut the lawn -- neither
Jimmie nor I could pull the rope starter any more ...<vbg>... and
we've gone downhill from there. 

This morning was Day 1 of the new gardening season for us, and
we were awakened by FOUR different gardening posses moving
back and forth, each with THREE blowers!  (My neighbors all seem
to get mad at their gardeners, and swap them for another set --
almost the same faces, and definitely the same workmanship!) 
Just to make things more interesting, there was also a fire engine
driving up and down the street, lights swiveling and brakes 
squealing!  And on top of that, something I have never seen here,
a well-groomed yellow truck sweeping the street! Yes, I said we
were awakened by all this mayhem ...

Having grabbed my clothes (naturally...), it was very exciting to
rush out there to greet the boys once again. We are in the midst 
of a 48 hour sweat with temps up at 82*, but boy! it felt good!
I felt like a movie director asking the guys to hack back so much
of the winterkill, and they were very responsive. I really think 
they like the idea of a home owner who obviously cares about 
each bush, and will spend the time out there working. 

But there's the rub -- I only bent down 3 times, and I paid for
it the rest of the day. Got lotsa back problems. Pretty soon the
only gardening either Jimmie or I will be able to do will be to
bring out the old milk crate and the slab of plywood, the two
webbed chairs and the portable radio, the Japanese rice crackers 
and the Brie cheese, and the Daiquiries -- you know, that's a
lot of work! And we'll smell the cut grass, and admire the 
flower beds and all the greenery, and we'll have to consider
ourselves very lucky to have reached this position in life:
pure frustrated onlookers.  

Penny, NY


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