[gardeners] Wednesday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 16 Apr 2003 20:19:39 -0500

Got all the hot chiles in today, all 16 plants. Only thing left to plant
is corn and basil. Corn patch not ready yet, 3 feet X 15 feet, because
wife wants to hand weed it to protect some flowers that came up in
there. Still too cool for basil here in USDA Zone 9b Louisiana,
unusually cool spring really.

Got all the edges trimmed from the mowing job on Monday so that chore is
done for another week, maybe two.

Peaches are the size of golf balls now and looking good. I finally got
them thinned out to the right intervals with the help of a tall step
ladder. The Fuyu persimmon has some really neat looking little green
blossoms and a lot of them. The mayhaw trees have fruit growing that is
about the size of a marble, do wish they were bigger though. No fruit on
the pear or the plums, blossoms came and dropped off and nothing

Boysenberries are blooming and setting fruit and it looks as though the
Dorman red raspberries are about ready to bloom. No blooms as yet on the
elderberry plants but the blueberries have set fruit and are about ready
for another dose of fertilizer. The loquat bloomed and set fruit this
winter for the first time but all the fruit have shrivelled and dropped

Got some cuttings for a red passion flower plant today from a friend.
They are in the sand bed in the green house and we're keeping our
fingers crossed. The mother plant has beautiful blooms and is already
setting fruit so we've got an example to go by.

I'm beginning to believe it truly is spring. Life is good.